Where is the Best Place for Your BOPIS Locker?


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Technology has forever changed the relationship between retailers and consumers. Online shopping offers customers a convenient shopping experience that saves time and energy. Increasing customer convenience is a strategic model that will last well into the near future.

Buy Online, Pickup In-store (BOPIS) offers shoppers the convenience they desire at an affordable price to both businesses and consumers. To maximize the appeal, retailers should use proven strategies when choosing a location for their BOPIS lockers. Ideally, the best place for BOPIS lockers is in the front of the store.

Lockers should also be available 24 hours, seven days a week, accommodating shoppers with alternative schedules. If this is not possible during regular store hours, lockers should be placed outside. Yieldify, a business that helps retailers increase revenues, agrees that curbside pick-up is a great option to ensure the success of BOPIS. Let us explore why the front and outside areas are the ultimate locations for BOPIS lockers.

1. Ease & Convenience

Busy people appreciate a quick and easy shopping experience. Positioning lockers close to an entrance will be ideal. The front of the store is far more convenient to access, resulting in much shorter processing times. Shoppers will not need to spend additional time searching the store, nor will there need for multiple signs to help customers locate their items. A frontal or curbside location mitigates confusion for the customers and saves on-site employees time by not having to assist customers looking for lockers.

Furthermore, the entrance is usually a well-staffed area within the store. Access to staff creates further convenience should the customer have a question, alleviating the stress of tracking down staff members.

Finally, as online purchases increased dramatically during the pandemic, so too did the number of package thefts from front stoops by individuals dubbed “porch pirates”. Smart Lockers not only provide the consumer the choice when they pick up orders, but are reassured their order is stored in a safe and secure location.

2. Increased Visibility

The increased visibility from the BOPIS lockers placed at the front of the store can ensure more traffic receives exposure to advertisements, promotions, and calls-to-action. In addition, utilizing the advertising wrap or digital display mounts will improve brand awareness and help promote specific products.

Photo of a red retail smart locker

Retail Smart Parcel Locker for fashion retailer

New customers who may be unfamiliar with the BOPIS Locker System can see and experience the lockers firsthand. Further, a broader demographic of shoppers will see advertisements promoting the lockers. Promotional offers to persuade more people into trying the locker system, such as Locker Lotteries and Check-Out Giveaways, are other ways that can increase both the knowledge and the use of the BOPIS Locker System. Finally, lockers placed curbside will reach further, exposing passersby and potential shoppers to both the lockers and the large-scale advertisements displayed.

3. Impulse Buys

The front placement of the lockers also benefits brick-and-mortar stores. According to Invesp, 84% of all shoppers make impulse purchases. More impressively is that half of U.S. shoppers have admitted to spending $100 or more on impulse buys.

Impulse buying typically occurs close to the front of the store. Shopify says we can anticipate impulse purchasing from the right front wall, the left front wall, and near the cash registers, which are also typically close to the entrance. In addition, strategically placed BOPIS lockers attract more impulse purchases and greater visibility to hot ticket items within the store.

4. Drive Traffic Into Your Store

If customers select pick up in-locker because of their convenience, how could they entice shoppers to enter your store? With a well formulated marketing strategy tied to the Smart Parcel Locker, incentives can be delivered specifically to individuals who utilize them.

A few examples of how BOPIS lockers can drive in-store traffic include:

  • Using the host screen to display flash ads.
  • Offering same-day coupons with each order.
  • Sending push notifications or emails with discounts.
  • Presenting advertisements on above locker display screens.

These types of marketing strategies reward consumers for choosing eco-friendly BOPIS locker pick-up over home delivery, further delighting your customers.

A Win for Retailers and Consumers

According to Yieldify, famous brands like Dollar General, Lowes, and Petco have seen a significant uptick in online sales by providing a personalized, safe, and easy shopping experience. The faster customers can get in and get out, the more likely they will return to these same retailers for future purchases. For this reason, the front entrance and curbside areas are predictably the best suitable locations for BOPIS lockers.

To learn more about how your organization can maximize smart lockers to reduce cost, increase revenue, and delight your customers, contact the ParcelPort team online by visiting www.theParcelPort.com or calling 1-800-818-0870.