Smart Lockers for an Intelligent World

Learn how our philosophical departure from the competition and leading smart locker technology is making ParcelPort the preferred smart locker choice.

A ParcelPort Smart Locker


Hours Saved

The average property manager saves 10 hours (25%) a week of staff time processing incoming deliveries


Average Savings

Returns made through our smart locker network save retailers up to 46% on their reverse logistics


Saved Per Redelivery

Sending packages to a ParcelPort smart locker in lieu of redelivering save couriers up to 77%

Beyond the Box

Industry-leading hardware powered by state-of-the-art and mallaeble software is how ParcelPort is redefining what’s possible in parcel logistics.

A ParcelPort smart locker
Smart locker with barcode on cell phone.

The Next-Gen Residential Smart Locker is Here

Simply accepting and storing packages is so yesterday. And with today’s technology, your smart locker can (and should) do so much more.

By adding new services, we are installing systems your residents will love and an amenity with the ability to generate revenue for your apartment or corporation.

ParcelPort’s proprietary software and decades of logistics experience is helping build tomorrow’s smart locker today.

Endless Solutions for Retail Logistics

The world of retail is constantly evolving. Therefore, to stay competitive, brands must embrace omni-channel distribution and the latest in reverse logistics technologies.

By leveraging ParcelPort’s proprietary smart locker technology and growing public network, retailers are now able to deliver products and accept returns anywhere smart lockers are present in a way that is easy, cost-effective, and convenient for the consumer.

A ParcelPort retail smart locker
A ParcelPort courier smart locker

Cutting Edge Options for Today’s Courier

In community locations, courier depots, and residential and commercial buildings, ParcelPort is leading the industry providing Smart Parcel Locker and logistics solutions for retailers, property managers, consumers, and couriers. Togther we can significantly reduce your last-mile costs while delighting consignees.

Additionally, couriers can deploy their own network and expand their reach, lower operational costs, and add new services. From local express couriers to international airlines, ask us how we can work together today.

Small ParcelPort smart locker

More than a smart locker, a total logistics solution!

Streamline parcel delivery, storage, and retrieval with our comprehensive solutions optimized for efficiency and cost reduction.

Trusted by Leading Businesses

Today’s best businesses, couriers, and property managers partner with ParcelPort for our consultative approach and industry-leading technology.

A Better Way Forward

The processes for first and last-mile delivery is outdated, costly, and environmentally unfriendly. The solution? Build the most robust Smart Locker network in North America.

City map with ParcelPort locations
Image of a ParcelPort smart locker.

Our growing network means more service offerings for residential smart lockers, more return locations, more everything to reduce costs and improve the user experience! We are unleashing the smart locker’s potential in ways never imagined before.

Smart Locker Insights

Smart lockers have come a long way in recent years making it important to be educated and stay on top of the latest innovations.

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