Where Are the Mobile Solutions for Shipping Parcels?


Logistics innovations

In the last 4 or 5 years, mobile phone technology and the milliions of available dedicated apps have created a scenario where anything is possible with the “Always by your Side” device. From locating a new restaurant nearby to checking your heart rate, it seems that we’re using mobile technology more and more for everyday tasks.

Mobile shipping is one area left behind considering the massive increase in online shopping and the sheer amount of parcels being delivered and sent. The process of returning a parcel you purchased online shouldn’t, or even better doesn’t, have to include a trip to your local courier or postal outlet located in a mall kilometers away from where you live or work. The same is valid for shipping a parcel across the country. Imagine a world where all this is possible directly from your smartphone. That world is coming.

This is Not Going to be Fun

So, you’re returning that jacket that you thought was perfect, luckily you kept the box that it came in. Now what?.

Well, if you’re like most of us, you head online and look for the nearest postal outlet taking note of the closing times because god forbid you get there too late, fighting traffic you head on over and assume your position in the line, hoping that it moves quickly this time.

The package must be weighed, measured, and don’t forget about filling out the forms that need to be completed to make sure it gets to where it should go. So overall you’re looking at an hour easy from start to finish on even a good day.

Because we’ve all done this before and know what’s involved, it takes a concerted effort to ready ourselves for the “return the item” adventure simply because we know how inconvenient and time-consuming the process is. This is definitely not going to be fun.

Developing the Definitive Mobile Shipping Solution

Ok, here comes the truth.

At ParcelPort, we’re developing solutions that finally tie into your smartphone.  The process of returning parcels, or for that matter shipping parcels anywhere, will be in the palm of your hand. Once you’ve created an account and with a few selections, you’ll be ready to ship that parcel much faster than you thought possible, all from your smartphone. Serious convenience from any smart device. Something we like to call… no “bullship”.

Image of a ParcelPort public smart lockerSmart Parcel Locker located in a public space

At ParcelPort, our vision is to provide an “all-in-one” mobile solution allowing you to get the best rates from couriers without knowing the exact weight and dimensions of your parcel.  Automatic payments are based on your account details, you get to choose when and where “on your time” (or anytime as we’re open 24/7/365) you’d like to drop off your parcel at one of our Smart Parcel Lockers.

The creation of a shipping label appears when you’re ready to go, plus we give you all the tools you need to track the shipment on it’s way along with notifications when the package has been received.

Did we mention this happens all on your phone?

At Parcel Port, We Buy and Return Stuff Too

Ultimately it comes down to having a solution that saves time and is super convenient, and our team is hard at work creating just that. At Parcel Port, we ship and return stuff as well. As such, we have begun to design and implement what we feel is the first completely functional mobile ship and return application that has all the bases covered.

  • Save money – Gain access to great courier rates
  • Secure – All with the highest encrypted technology
  • Flexible – You decide when and where to ship your parcel
  • Easy to use – a few clicks on your phone and you’re done!

To learn more about how your organization can maximize smart lockers to reduce cost, increase revenue, and delight your customers, contact the ParcelPort team online by visiting www.theParcelPort.com or calling 1-800-818-0870.