The Evolution of Smart Lockers


Logistics innovations

Smart Parcel Lockers are gaining popularity in North America as they help automate the process of parcel receipt, storage, and dissemination driven by the phenomenal growth in eCommerce.

To date, the Smart Lockers that have been deployed around the world have had a standard, physical form – better looking and much smarter than the mechanical lockers of old but essentially square, stationary, metallic boxes standing ready to do their job. However, as Smart Lockers continue to grow in popularity, they are bound to take on a style that better suits their specific functions and environment. In other words, parcel lockers will soon be a standard and indispensable amenity for many and multi-purpose, engaging, and sexy.

Smart Lockers of the Future

At Parcel Port, we’re exploring what the future may hold for the design and function of Smart Parcel Lockers, and in this blog, we highlight a few innovative concepts we’re thinking about.

Photo of a conceptual smart locker

Conceptual Smart Locker design

The first locker we will look at is a Smart Parcel locker with a built-in onboard kiosk, which is ideal for a retail or mall environment. The locker and kiosk can act as a self-serve station to browse and purchase popular products. After buying an item through the kiosk, product retrieval happens from one of the many built-in locker compartments on either side of the cabinet.

Image of a conceptual rounded smart locker

Conceptual curved Smart Locker design

‍The following Smart Locker introduces curvature to the overall design and features a digital display unit at the top showcasing products, which would be available in the compartments below for purchase. This locker has a built-in screen that allows consumers to browse, preview, and purchase products. If the item isn’t in stock, the consumer can order it at the locker and have it delivered to their home, or they can pick it up at the locker upon arrival.

Image of a conceptual block smart locker

Conceptual display + slots Smart Locker design

Next, we see Smart Parcel Lockers designed as building blocks, giving them an exciting look and feel. Along with the display compartments, it has built-in video terminals to advertise, provide product information, or display eye-catching photos or videos in theme with the locker’s contents.

Image of a conceptual mobile smart locker

Conceptual mobile Smart Locker design

‍Finally, Smart Lockers don’t have to be stationary. The locker pictured to the left is a Smart Parcel Locker on wheels that can move to any location where individuals can use it to pick up or drop off parcels. This concept becomes more compelling by pairing it with self-driving trucks (coming soon) that can move autonomously from house to house for parcel pick up and drop-off. At the end of a busy day, the truck can head to a public area where it can continue to serve the neighborhood before heading back to the warehouse to be loaded up for the next day’s parcel run.

We see the evolution of Smart Lockers gathering speed as they usher in the dawn of an amenity that brings increasing utility and innovation, all with a lot of style and appeal. The concepts outlined in this blog are only a few possibilities, and we expect to see many more in the future.

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