Shiver Me Timbers – You’ve Been Had By a Porch Pirate


Logistics innovations

So here’s the scenario – You’ve finally pulled the trigger and ordered that item you’ve wanted for almost six months. You researched it almost exhaustively beforehand on countless sites, read the reviews, and consulted friends and family (and on Social Media). Then, of course, your significant other, and you’re 100% confident you made the right choice. The retailer says it should be delivered to your home on Wednesday between 8:27 am, and 11:06 am, and you know you’re not going to be home. No one will. Oh well, it’ll be fine, right? (insert trembling voice here). They’ll leave it on the porch, and all will be well.

Wednesday turns into Thursday, and still no parcel. So you call the retailer to ask when it should be arriving. “Well, Mrs. Smith, according to our records, the parcel was delivered on Wednesday at 10.53 am.” So guess what? You’ve been another victim of a type of theft that is massively on the rise. The dreaded “Porch Pirate” has made off with your item. Not only did you invest time and energy in planning and researching, but their actions also put a significant dent in your wallet.

When Opportunity Knocks

We all know that e-commerce sales and shipments are on the rise. But, unfortunately, an increasingly common way for criminals to make off (in most cases scot-free) with your parcel comes with it. One in five parcel deliveries falls victim to theft. With a median value of $250 per parcel theft, this equates to a significant amount of money. When it happens to you, it sinks in and, as a result, can significantly alter the ways you go about shopping online in the future.

Graph of porch pirate incidents

Number of searches for “Porch Pirate” in the last year.

‍‍Be Smart and Protect Yourself

So even though you are a victim, there are ways you can shop online that can help to mitigate this from ever happening again.

Request a signature – Essentially the parcel will not be delivered unless someone is there to sign for it (usually at an added cost).

Request a hold – Have the courier hold it at their depot if you know no one will be home during the estimated delivery times (not the most convenient option as you’re dealing with their opening hours which may not work with your schedule).

Leave instructions – Provide directions to the carrier to leave the package someplace other than the porch that may be less conspicuous..”Underneath the wheelbarrow next to the bush by the garden shed?” Again, not the most convenient and potentially open to the elements.

Invest in security – Purchase a system complete with a surveillance camera and advertise that it’s there. No doubt it’s great to see an HD video of a masked Porch Pirate walking away with your parcel, but it isn’t much help if keeping your package safe.

Enlist a neighbor – This only works if you’re friends with your neighbors and can’t be relied upon all the time. Your neighbors have lives too, you know!

Here’s what we feel is the BEST ANSWER! Use a Smart Parcel Locker Solution like Parcel Port!

‍Smart Parcel Lockers

Essentially, a Smart Locker is a device with many holds many slots of varying sizes. They are located at convenient locations where you can direct your parcel to be delivered. All that is needed is to select a ParcelPort Smart Locker location instead of your home address when you check out. Your package has its own locker slot that only you can open, and we’ll send you a unique code to your smartphone when it has arrived.

You only need to walk up, enter or scan the code on our large Smart Locker Solutions keypad, and the slot with your parcel in it will open automatically. That’s it! Our Smart Locker Solutions Centres are secure, monitored 24/7, and conveniently located, so you can choose a location near where you live or work, so pick-ups on your time (anytime day or night) are a breeze. You can even use us for product returns and for shipping your items across Canada or to destinations on the other side of the globe – it’s just as easy.

‍At Parcel Port, we have plans to build the first community-based Smart Parcel Locker Solutions Network in Canada. Not only serving urban centers but supplying rural and suburban hubs with Smart Parcel Locker Solutions for the whole community.

To learn more about how your organization can maximize smart lockers to reduce cost, increase revenue, and delight your customers, contact the ParcelPort team online by visiting, email at or calling 1-800-818-0870.