Automating Equipment Rentals with Smart Lockers


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As a retailer, you may have considered renting equipment or products from time to time. It can be a great way to test out new items or expand your inventory without significant investment. Returned products not fit for resale can also become rentals to retain their initial value. And overall, renting goods can be a fantastic way to increase customer loyalty and boost revenues.

However, there are challenges associated with implementing a rental program. First, the process of product reservation and retrieval alone can consume valuable staff hours. Then there is the need to accept rental returns efficiently for both you and your customers. One solution is to deploy Smart Lockers to take on the bulk of the rental process for you.

Renting with Smart Lockers

A Smart Locker is a secure storage container with lockable slots facilitating the delivery, retrieval, or rental of packages. Access to slots is available using smart technology including on-locker touchscreens or mobile phone applications. There are many benefits of using Smart Parcel Lockers to rent out your equipment or products. In addition to adding a new source of revenue, they provide the ultimate convenience and accessibility for your customers.

Contactless – In the age of COVID-19, many retailers are looking for ways to reduce contact with their customers. Most customers will prefer to seek contactless solutions even after the pandemic subsides. Smart lockers provide an excellent solution for businesses seeking to limit physical contact and protect their employees and customers. They can be used for contactless pickup and deposit, meaning customers can retrieve orders without contacting anyone else. Additionally, Smart Lockers can store inventory not currently needed, reducing employees’ amount of time handling products. As a result, Smart Lockers help businesses operate more efficiently and safely in the new contactless era.

Secure – Smart Lockers provide a safe and convenient way for retailers to store rented or borrowed items. The lockers are designed to be tamper-proof and can be accessed using a smartphone or other mobile device. As a result, retailers can offer customers the option of picking up their rentals at a convenient time without worrying about the security of the items. In addition, Smart Lockers can store high-value items needed to be kept safe, such as jewelry or electronics. Therefore, they offer an ideal solution for retailers who need to provide customers with a secure yet convenient way to store products while awaiting pickup.

Accessible – Another benefit of using Smart Parcel Lockers is they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Accessibility means customers can pick up their rentals without waiting for regular business hours. Additionally, Smart Lockers do not have to be located at your brick and mortar store, but anywhere it is convenient for your customers. For example, a camping rental locker placed near a State Park, a baby gear rental locker inside a mall, or a tool rental locker near major road arteries. This makes Smart Lockers convenient for customers who need to pick up their rentals while they are on the go.

Shipping – The number of online rental retailers has exploded over the past few years. A significant barrier to profitability in this niche market is the round-trip cost of shipping rental equipment to and from the consumer. Smart Lockers offer a cost-effective way to reduce the logistics costs of moving products or goods to the customer. Instead of sending goods directly to the renter, items can be deposited and stored in Smart Lockers placed in strategic locations.

Staffing – In-store rental services require staff to manage the entire rental process. Today’s technology allows rental software to integrate with the Smart Locker’s onboard computer, automating the rental process from reservation to return. Staff involvement is reduced to depositing reserved equipment and inspecting returned items. The time saved equates to significantly lower labor costs and a better bottom line.

Marketing – High-volume Smart Lockers can be quite large, reaching more than 20 feet or more in length and six-plus feet in height. They, in effect, are the perfect billboard to advertise your rental services. Their ability to advertise is especially effective when Smart Lockers are located independent of the retail store. Additionally, display screens can be added to run advertisements, the onboard monitor can display flash ads, and coupons and specials can be pushed using integrated SMS and email marketing.

Photo of a ParcelPort smart lockerSmart Locker with display screens and security cameras

Smart Parcel Lockers offer several benefits for retailers who rent equipment or products. They are a contactless and secure way to store and distribute items 24 hours a day. Rental operations operate more efficiently and safely in the age of COVID-19. And they provide the perfect medium to extend your brand’s reach. Smart Lockers, an ideal solution for businesses wanting to limit contact, reduce labor costs, provide the ultimate in convenience, and WOW customers.

To learn more about how your organization can maximize smart lockers to reduce cost, increase revenue, and delight your customers, contact the ParcelPort team online by visiting, email at or calling 1-800-818-0870.