Apartment Amenities: Why You Should Consider Smart Lockers


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The competitive apartment market is tough and only getting more challenging. Attracting tenants to your property is complex as more new developments are coming online daily with the latest in creature comforts and residential amenities.

More than ever, tenants are placing more weight on the amenities offered on a property when deciding where to live. Amenities provide tenants an opportunity for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle previously reserved for homeowners. Today, a new amenity is being sought after by prospective tenants, the Smart Parcel Locker.

Parcels and packages are flooding into lobbies and hallways faster than anyone can keep up. As a result, storage needs and preferences are changing, too. Smart Parcel Lockers are a cost-efficient solution to combat a problem only expected to grow over time. Here we will discuss why your building should consider incorporating Smart Parcel Lockers into its amenities package.

What are Smart Parcel Lockers?

Smart Parcel Lockers are devices that allow users to receive and temporarily store their packages in a secure location inside their apartment building. Couriers quickly deposit deliveries into individual locker slots by scanning the package’s barcode. Then, by cross-referencing a resident directory, an email and SMS is sent to the resident immediately after a package is deposited and the locker slot door is closed.

Smart Parcel Lockers can be placed almost anywhere, so long as their location is convenient for the majority of your tenants. Areas include lobbies, hallways, and even parking garages. The most advanced Smart Parcel Lockers are designed with slots equipped with sensors to identify capacity levels and trigger various events. Additionally, surveillance cameras are also standard to confirm courier deposits, deter theft, and confirm resident pickups.

Smart Parcel Locker Features

The power of Smart Parcel Lockers lies in their simplicity and software. Unlike other parcel management solutions, Smart Lockers tick off all the boxes when it comes to parcel management.

Simple – Smart Lockers are intuitive, requiring minimal instruction by couriers, tenants, and apartment building staff.

Secure – Unlike parcel rooms or leaving parcels on doorsteps, Smart Parcel Locker safely secures parcels until they are ready for pickup by the resident.

Contactless – Parcels no longer need to be handled by apartment building staff and can be retrieved by tenants in an entirely hands-off manner.

No missed deliveries – Couriers and tenants no longer have to worry about missing a delivery as Smart Lockers can accept packages anytime.

Tenants, building owners, couriers, and retailers appreciate the unique features Smart Locker systems offer an apartment complex.

How a Smart Parcel Locker Can Benefit Your Building and Tenants?

Amenities are provided to tenants to improve their quality of life. Installing a Smart Parcel Locker is no different. Online shopping accounts for upwards of 20% of all sales with no signs of slowing down. The recent spike in home deliveries resulting from the pandemic exacerbated parcel management challenges. Many apartment buildings were already experiencing parcel theft and damage, overwhelmed staff, and overcrowded storage rooms.

Home delivery has become a part of our everyday lives. The convenience it affords has been realized by millions of tenants and has changed how we shop. Building owners who adjust to how residents shop by installing a Smart Parcel Locker will reap their own benefits. Couriers will no longer need to roam the halls of buildings, reducing wear and tear. Apartments with staff managing incoming deliveries will have time freed up to focus on more pressing items and the potential to reduce labor overhead. Lastly, the Smart Locker adds an important amenity to attract and retain tenants.

How to Choose the Right Smart Parcel Locker for Your Building

There are many factors to consider when selecting a Smart Parcel Locker. Most notably, you must ensure that the unit can handle the number of packages you plan on delivering. A system with too few slots or limited design options may not be ideal for your building. Smart Locker design experts can assist in evaluating your building’s parcel volume and expected locker-slot turnover. These calculations will determine how many locker slots will meet the building’s demand.

Additional considerations include whether to install security camera systems, offer additional services via the locker, and aesthetic design. To learn more about how your organization can maximize smart lockers to reduce cost, increase revenue, and delight your customers, contact the ParcelPort team online by visiting www.theParcelPort.com, email at sales@theParcelPort.com or calling 1-800-818-0870.