4 Reasons Apartment Managers Love Smart Lockers


Logistics innovations

According to the U.S. census report, there are over 140 million apartment rentals in the United States. Even before the pandemic, the expectations of how packages are delivered to these apartments have increased in recent years. Managing all the parcels delivered to apartment tenants is no walk in the park.

People’s lives are shifting rapidly. Tenants today demand security and convenience for their on-the-go lifestyle. Buildings without a dedicated parcel solution are quickly learning today’s tenants will actively seek out residences that do. Not addressing an apartment building’s ability to safely and efficiently handle deliveries may result in fewer renewed leases and losing out to competitors with a sound parcel solution.

What is a Smart Parcel Locker?

One particular solution gaining traction in apartment buildings and complexes is the Smart Parcel Locker. A Smart Parcel Locker is an electronic locker with an onboard host computer connected to the cloud and a set of parcel slots. Couriers with deliveries select their company from the host computer touch screen, scan their parcel’s barcode, and choose an appropriate slot size. Then, a slot door automatically opens, and the courier deposits the parcel and closes the slot door.

Sensors inside the locker slot automatically identify a deposited parcel and notifies the resident via SMS text and email. The notification contains a barcode that the resident scans at the locker. Once scanned, the slot door opens, and the parcel is retrieved. After the resident closes the slot door, the sensor recognizes the slot is empty and makes it available for the next delivery.

The Status Quo

For decades, how parcel deliveries are handled was commonly an afterthought. Instead, amenities such as exercise rooms, laundry facilities, and open spaces have taken priority. However, with the acceleration of eCommerce, one-day deliveries, and the compounding effect of the pandemic, residents are actively seeking residences that have ditched the traditional methods of parcel management.

Unit Delivery: A few buildings allow couriers to enter and deliver parcels to each unit. This approach can make tenants uncomfortable as the number of couriers visiting each day has steadily increased. Additionally, tenants who are not home will find deliveries sitting at their front door. Although this allows fellow residents to see where or who you are ordering products from and leaves deliveries are ripe for theft.

Mail Room: Buildings with dedicated mail rooms only offer secure storage for U.S. or Canadian Post packages. Parcels delivered by private couriers such as UPS, FedEx, Purolator, and others leave parcels on open shelves or on the floor, creating similar concerns as unit delivery.

Concierge: Buildings offering concierge services provide a secure way to receive packages on behalf of tenants. However, as parcel deliveries increase, the staff find themselves with less time to handle their normal duties. Further, few buildings offer 24-hour concierge, limiting when tenants may pick up their deliveries.

Traditional solutions may offer security or convenience, but not both. Smart Parcel Lockers offer a cost-effective solution to secure incoming deliveries while delivering the ultimate convenience for residents.

The Smart Locker Solution 

Apartment building owners and managers who have installed Smart Parcel Lockers see an immediate appreciation from their tenants. Not only are Smart Parcel Lockers secure and convenient, but they also provide apartment managers and owners additional benefits beyond increasing tenant satisfaction.

#1 Security – Smart lockers reduce the number of lost and stolen packages. To ensure safe delivery, tenants no longer need to worry about missing deliveries or being home when a package arrives. Instead, Smart Parcel Lockers are nearly impossible to break into and can be equipped with security cameras to deter tampering further.

#2 Additional Revenue – Smart Parcel Lockers can also provide an additional source of revenue for apartment building owners. For example, many packages are left unattended for days or weeks. Not only will a Smart Parcel Locker securely store the packages, it can also charge a late pick-up fee. Smart Parcel Lockers can also sell advertising space on the host touch-screen, display panels, or the locker themselves. Additionally, the apartment can sell items using excess capacity in a Smart Locker to generate even more revenue.

Photo of a ParcelPort residential smart locker

290-slot Smart Locker serving two residential towers

#3 No Unnecessary Trespassing – Smart lockers allow you to send couriers to a specified location of the apartment building. The need for couriers to roam the halls of an apartment building is eliminated. This is especially ideal for apartment complexes with exterior corridors. Smart Parcel Lockers can be placed inside smart-pad equipped rooms, lobbies, or even outside to completely remove the need for delivery drivers to enter the building.

#4 Add More Value – Smart Parcel Lockers are a great way to add value to your rental property as they are becoming a “must-have” amenity for today’s technology-driven tenant. But accepting deliveries is only the beginning. Smart Parcel Lockers can securely store items such as ping pong paddles, billiard balls, workout equipment, movies, or other small amenities which can be retrieved using a resident’s keycard or mobile phone app.

The competition among apartment buildings and complexes only continues to intensify. Smart Parcel Lockers are one way for apartment managers to stay ahead and attract your most desired tenants.

To learn more about how your organization can maximize smart lockers to reduce cost, increase revenue, and delight your customers, contact the ParcelPort team online by visiting www.theParcelPort.com, email at sales@theParcelPort.com or calling 1-800-818-0870.