Welcome to ParcelPort Outbound Shipping!

ParcelPort’s outbound shipping service allows you to ship, from the comfort of your residence, internationally to over 220 countries. With our courier partner, DHL, we’re offering discounted courier rates on envelopes, paks and packages that you need to ship.

It only takes a few minutes to process your shipment. Immediately after processing, you’ll recieve a deposit code to use at the smart locker to drop off your package. DHL will pickup you parcel within 24 hours. 

ParcelPort will be introducing domestic shipping soon to compliment this international courier service.

Outbound Shipping

How It Works

Outbound shipping schematic

Terms and Conditions

Important Notes

• You’ll receive an e-mail with your deposit code, but you can also find it in the shipping table on your home page.

• You have 24 hours to deposit your shipment into the locker before the shipment will be automatically cancelled.

• If you do not deposit your shipment within the 24-hour window and do not cancel it within the application you will be charged a flat fee of $15.00.

• You can cancel any shipment that you have entered by going to the table view in your app (on your home page) and selecting “Cancel Shipment”.

• When entering the information for your customs invoice be sure to properly classify the goods you are shipping by using the link provided.

• Standard insurance for any shipment is capped at $100 unless you purchase additional insurance which you can do when processing your shipment.

• Any duties and taxes will be charged to the recipient (these vary from country to country)

• Any address you use will be automatically added to your address book – if you need that address for another shipment, you can simply look it up in the “Address Book” field on the first page of creating a shipment.

• Your method of payment will be stored after your first shipment – you can change your method of payment at any time, but you will be required to keep one credit card in your account.

• There is a tracking link (“Track”) provided in the shipment table view for all active shipments – this link will take you to the courier’s tracking page.

• If you have any questions please contact us at 800-818-0870 or via e-mail at support@theparcelport.com.

Frequently Asked Questions – General Inquiries

What is the largest item I can ship through the service?

The largest item we’ll accept is one that fits into a locker slot that is 15 X 24 X 18 inches. The weight cannot be any more than 50 lbs. or post shipment surcharges will apply.

Which courier will deliver my shipment?

ParcelPort has partnered with DHL to pick and deliver international shipments.

How long will it take for my shipment to be delivered?

The length of time for your shipment to arrive at the reciepient will vary depending on the service you select and the final location of where your item is being shipped to. It is typically anywhere between 2 and 7 days.

Can I ship more than 1 parcel at a time?

Not at this time. If you have more than 1 parcel then you’ll have to create as many separate shipments as you have parcels and deposit them into two different slots.

How much time do I have to deposit a shipment once processed?

You will have 24 hours from the time you process your shipment to deposit it into the locker.


Are the shipping rates discounted?

Yes – the rates are discounted from what you would expect to pay retail for a comparable international service.


Can I cancel my shipment once I have entered it?

Yes – you can cancel your shipment at any time prior to the end of your scheduled deposit period. If you do not cancel your shipment prior to the end of your deposit period you will be charged a $15.00 no-deposit fee.


What happens if I don’t deposit my shipment within the 24-hour deposit window?

Yes – you can cancel your shipment at any time prior to the end of your scheduled deposit period. If you do not cancel your shipment prior to the end of your deposit period you will be charged a $15.00 no-deposit fee.


Can I ship to destinations in Canada?

At this time you cannot ship within Canada. Domenstic shipping will be available within the next few months.


Can I save an address that I’ve used for a shipment?

Yes – when you enter a destination address while creating a shipment there is a field where you can indicate that you want the address entered to be saved in your address book. Once saved, you can use it for any future shipment.


Where can I get DHL courier envelopes and paks for my shipments?

If you select “Courier Envelope” or “Courier Pak” for your shipment’s packaging you’ll have to use a DHL supplied envelope or plastic pak both of which are available at the locker. These are available next to the locker or at concierge.


How do I know if my shipment has been picked up from the locker?

Simply go to the dashboard view in your account and you can see in the status column, for the shipment you want to check, whether it has been picked up. If it has, it will show “Retrieved by Courier”.


If I have a question or problem, who should I contact?

You can call us at 1-800-818-0870 or by e-mail at support@theparcelport.com to any question answered or problem resolved.


Do I need shipping labels to ship my item?

Yes – you’ll need shipping labels for any shipment you send out. Once you’ve created a shipment you’ll be able to view and print your labels. Note that for international shipments with DHL there are two labels you’ll have to affix to the box, envelope of pak that you are shipping. Failure to secure your labels to your shipment may result in the shipment not being delivered or potentially lost.


Can I print shipping labels at the locker?

No – shipping labels cannot be printed at the locker – they must be printed on a printer that you have access to.


What do I do if I go to deposit my shipment and the locker is full?

In the rare case where this occurs simply retain your shipment and come back at a later time. Note that the least busy times at the locker are between 8 PM and 11 AM.


What documents do I need to send with my international shipment?

In addition to the shipping labels that you need to adhere to the item you are shipping you’ll also need to complete a Customs Document form.

The accuracy of your documentation of what is being shipped is key to getting your shipment through customs and into the destination country quickly, and without fees or delays. Below are the key items required for getting your shipment to it’s destination:

Shipping Label – Ensure the correct address and contact information for the destination is listed
Commercial Invoice – Invoice declaring the quantity, value, HS Code, and detailed description of items being shipped

An important aspect of shipping internationally, which also directly relates to the Commercial Invoice is the HS Code or Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System.

An HS code consists of at least six digits and is used by customs to classify the product being shipped. That way it can accurately calculate taxes and duties and apply any necessary restrictions. If you don’t include the HS code on the commercial invoice and other shipping documents, you risk the receiver paying the wrong tax and could possibly delay the shipment.

To locate the appropriate HS code, please visit Canada Post’s website to get the proper HS code for your shipment(s).


How long does it take for my shipment to be picked up from the locker?

Typically, any shipment will be picked up within one business day of deposit.