ParcelPort Commercial Case Study

Custom Built Logistics Solutions

Parcel management is becoming an ever growing challenge for commercial properties of all types. From large financial buildings to sprawling industrial centers, each require solutions tailored to meet the needs of management and tenants.

At ParcelPort, we understand no two commercial properties are alike. Because we design and manage the building of both our software and hardware, property managers receive the flexibility they need to implement the right Smart Locker solution.

A photo of the RBC Smart Locker at WaterPark Place in Toronto, ON, Canada

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Commercial – Large Canadian Bank


A large Canadian bank sought to fundamentally change the manner in which they received their courier shipments. Additionally, they wanted to give employees a way to receive their online orders at their place of work. 

Over 30% of deliveries to the bank were missed on the first attempt while others were lost. Further, the bank is concerned about the increasing the foot traffic in their building along with frequent disturbances to their staff by courier drivers attempting to make their deliveries. 

Needs Analysis

The bank was looking for a turn-key solution to remove the need for the courier to go through the building looking to deliver, in person, their shipments. Specifically the solution needed to be:

  • Accessible 24/7
  • Courier agnostic
  • Easily expandable
  • Monitored and secure
  • Handle a wide range of parcel sizes
  • Capable of processing expired parcels


The Solution

After a thorough review of their options and considering various other vendors, the large bank decided to deploy a ParcelPort Smart Locker to address their needs. Their lockers provided an automated and elegant solution to their problem:

  • Employee registry automatically updated daily
  • Parcels dropped off with a single barcode scan
  • Employees are messaged their pick up code
  • Pickups can be done in less than 20 seconds
  • Automated pickup reminders are sent


Key Benefits

The bank and its employees are now enjoying the following benefits:

  • No more missed deliveries
  • A reduction in building foot traffic
  • The process ensures privacy and security
  • Employees quickly pickup at their convenience
  • Employees are using the locker to pickup personal shipments

Given the success of the initial installation, the bank plans to roll-out ParcelPort Smart Lockers in many of their commercial buildings. Just some of the reviews received include:

  • “Quick and easy! Great idea!” – Jennifer
  • “Loved it! Convenient and simple.” – Danny
  • “This is super awesome. Convenient, easy, and fast. Love it!” – Raj
  • “This service is great! Very useful and a super user experience.” – Omer 


Photo of the RBC smart locker