The Real Cost of Parcel Management

If concierge, security or onsite staff are managing your building’s inbound deliveries, you’re likely spending much more than you think! Use our calculator to estimate the real cost of staff-management parcel management.

How Much Is Your Building Spending?

Many condominium and apartment buildings rely on concierge, security or onsite staff to manage the barrage of incoming parcel deliveries.

But have you ever stopped to think how much time (and money) is spent by staff processing the acceptance, storage and retrieval of packages?

By using our calculator, you can estimate how much your building is spending on parcel management by staff. Just imagine how much better their time and your money could be used by installing a smart locker by ParcelPort!

Parcel Management Calculator

Enter the number of units and your average hourly staff wage to obtain your estimate.

Our calculator assumes an average daily parcel volume of 18 deliveries per 100 units and a conservative average of 5 minutes to accept, process and retrieve parcels by staff.

The Complete Guide to Residential Smart Lockers

A smart locker by ParcelPort can pay for itself in less than year for buildings using onsite staff to manage incoming parcel deliveries.

And there’s so much more to smart lockers than just a metal box. Complete the form below and receive a copy of the Complete Guide to Residential Smart Lockers and learn everything you need to know about these innovative smart technologies.

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