The Leader in BOPIS and Product Return Solutions

Reduce queueing and boost customer loyalty – all while lowering staffing costs. Plus, deliver products and accept returns anywhere ParcelPort lockers are present in a way that is easy and convenient for the consumer.

A fully customizable ParcelPort retail smart locker
Photo of a Retail ParcelPort Smart Locker

Retail Logistics Done Right

ParcelPort is building North America’s largest and smartest smart locker network. For retailers, this opens up a world of possibilities!

#1 – Provide the ultimate convenience for customers with buy-online-pickup-in-locker service.

#2 – Deliver products (at a reduced cost) to smart lockers located near your customers.

#3 – Offer hassle-free returns for less than half the logistics cost of traditional return-by-mail / courier options. 

The future of retail delivery and returns has never looked brighter and more environmentally friendly than before.

Key Smart Locker Network Solutions

ParcelPort offers a complete suite of retail logistics solutions. From traditional BOPIS to fully integrated and networked product movements, we have you covered. 

Isometric image of product returns

Product Returns

Reduce your returns logistics costs by up to 50% by using ParcelPort’s smart locker network.

Isometric image of a retail store

BOPIS Lockers

Offer the ulimate customer convenience and reduce labor costs with buy-online-pickup-in-locker solutions.

isometric image of a drop off at a smart locker

Outbound Shipping

Offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to at-home delivery and save on outbound shipping.

Isometric image of a retail smart locker

Footprint Expansion

Bring your brand closer to your customer base without the overhead with custom branded smart lockers.

Product Returns

Product returns are a critical process in the on-line shopping experience. It is also an expensive process given the percentage of products that are returned and the associated logistics and staffing costs.

ParcelPort’s Smart Locker Network revolutionizes the returns process by giving your customers a super convenient, package & shipping label free drop-off method offering instant refunds.

By tapping into our growing network of smart lockers, you will take advantage of having returns picked up, sorted, and aggregated before sending them back to you. A process designed to significantly reduce your cost-per-return by up to 50%!


Woman at a cash register
Photograph of the ParcelPort software team

BOPIS Lockers

Smart lockers are a convenient and efficient way for customers to pick up online orders. Instead of waiting in line at the customer service desk, customers can simply scan a QR code or use their mobile app to open a locker slot and retrieve their order.

Specically designed for your stores, ParcelPort smart lockers can be installed indoors or out and configured to accommodate a variety of sizes and types of products.

Smart lockers for BOPIS offer a wide range of benefits for both retailers and the customer including:

  • Can accept product returns
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduces labor costs for retailers
  • Increases foot traffic to the store
  • Convenient and efficient for customers
  • Reduces return shipping costs for retailers

If you’re looking for a way to improve the customer experience, boost sales, simplify returns, and reduce labor costs, smart lockers are a great option. 

Outbound Shipping

Increasing costs of courier shipping and rising customer expectations are challenges that every retailer faces.

Smart retail parcel lockers facilitate critical mass on drop-off and 24/7 logistics directly into smart lockers within our network. The result is reduced shipping costs for retailers while giving consumers a convenient, secure, and environmentally friendly way to receive their orders.

By tapping into our growing network of smart lockers and best-of-breed couriers, you can reduce shipping costs and expand the choices you give your customers. ParcelPort lockers are fully integrated with Shopify and other online eCommerce platforms making outbound shipping to a smart locker near your customers a breeze.

Courier holding 3 boxes
City view with location pins marking locker locations

Footprint Expansion

Smart lockers offer a unique and visually appealing way to expand your brand into new locations without the retail store overhead. Bring your products and brand closer to your customers by extending marketing reach through advertising while standing out from the crowd with:

  • On locker branded wraps
  • Top mounted digital screens
  • Terminal screen flash advertisements

With ParcelPort Smart Lockers, you’ll have a presence that gets noticed. Each locker, which you can use to lower your logistics costs and increase customer convenience, can now serve to also promote your brand.

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Shopify Integration

ParcelPort lockers are fully integrated with Shopify making BOPIS integration a breeze. 

Key considerations include:

  • Integration can be done in a few minutes
  • Supports rear-fill and front-fill deposit options
  • Status of orders in the locker are automatically updated
  • Orders are automatically captured to facilitate streamlined locker deposits

Don’t have Shopify? ParcelPort has you covered there too with the ability to integrate with most eCommerce software solutions.


    Shopify integration smart locker
    Photograph of the ParcelPort software team

    Smart Software

    Our proprietary, easy to use software streamlines pickups and product returns while our cloud software monitors and manages every Smart Locker in our network.

    Our field proven software stack includes the following features:

    • Multilingual
    • PIEPEDA compliant
    • 24/7 locker monitoring
    • Client administrative portal
    • Visual and auditory user prompts
    • Simple “scan & go” pickup and return
    • Integrates with most POS and inventory software

    All of ParcelPort’s software solutions are engineered and operated in North America.

    Best-in-Class Hardware

    Designed and engineered in North America to the highest standard of security, intelligence and configurability.

    ParcelPort lockers offer the following key build characteristics:

    • ESA certified
    • Video surveillance
    • Full slot parcel sensors
    • Five different slot sizes
    • Choice of 215 paint colors
    • Custom, branded vinyl wraps
    • Modular and readily expandable
    • Full steel construction for high security
    • Industrial grade touch screen computer
    • Backup power and remote power switch
    • Requires only an internet connection & standard 110V outlet


    A ParcelPort smart locker

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