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Welcome to ParcelPort support for Mark on 10th. Our goal is to provide the most secure method of receipt and storage for your parcels using the latest in smart locker technology.

Below, please take a look at the frequently asked questions. Need help finding what you’re looking for? No problem! Complete the form below, email support@theparcelport.com, or call us at 1-800-818-0870, and our local support team will be happy to help!

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ParcelPort General Registration

Great news – you’re already registered!

We’re securely connected to your property management software, and we update the locker registry every day. Ensure your contact information (name, email, and cell phone number) is up to date with your property management so that we can properly notify you of your parcel delivery. 

How It Works

ParcelPort Smart Lockers are designed with you in mind. Couriers scan your parcel’s barcode to verify the address, select an appropriate slot size, and make the deposit. Once the courier completes depositing parcels, you receive a text and email with your pickup barcode to scan at the locker. Enter your code or scan the barcode, and the slot door with your parcel will be opened automatically. It’s that easy!

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Important Notes

  1. You’ll have two (2) calendar days from receiving your delivery notification to pick up your parcel before it is subjected to be returned to the sender. You can also forward your pickup code to a trusted friend or family member to pick it up on your behalf.
  2. If a shipment cannot be deposited into the locker, it will be accepted by the concierge. However, for very large/oversized deliveries, you will need to be home to accept the delivery, according to the existing building policy.
  3. Please check the slot carefully to make sure you collect all your items before closing the slot door, just in case the courier has deposited multiple parcels for you in the same slot.
  4. If your parcel is delivered by Canada Post, the parcel will be deposited into the Canada Post’s parcel locker (if one is available) located in your building. Currently, Canada Post employees are not sanctioned to deposit into third-party lockers. For issues with Canada Post deliveries or facilities, please reach out to Canada Post.
  5. We are securely connected to your property management software and update our resident locker directory daily. Please make sure your contact information (name, email, and cell phone number) is up to date with your property management so that we can properly notify you of your parcel delivery. If you still need to get your complete contact information in the system, your parcel may be returned to the sender, so you’ll need to make sure your information is up-to-date and complete.
  6. By using our locker, you agree to our Terms & Conditions for locker usage. If you have any questions, contact ParcelPort support.

Frequently Asked Questions – General Inquiries

How long will a parcel be kept in the locker and what happens to it after that?

All parcels that are not picked up after two (2) calendar days will be subject to be removed from the locker and returned to the sender. Rest assured that the ParcelPort will send you reminders before that happens, but feel free to contact us if you need some extra time. You can also have someone else pick up your parcel (see next question).

Can I have someone else pickup my parcel at the locker?

Yes, they can! Forward your ParcelPort confirmation email or text to a friend, family member, or colleague. They can access your parcel just as you would using the embedded QR or numeric pickup code. It’s that simple.

What happens to my shipment if the parcel locker is full?

No worries if the locker is full; the courier will deliver your parcel to you in the “old fashioned” way (the driver will try to deliver it directly to you) or leave the package with the concierge, security, or staff (if present).

How do I get my shipments sent to the locker?

When making an online order or sending a courier shipment to you, include your full name, unit #, and building address like you would on any shipment. When the courier arrives at your building, the package will be directed to the locker in your building.

How will I be notified that a shipment is in the locker?

Once your parcel has been deposited into the locker, you will receive a SMS text and e-mail notification. This notification message will include your unique 6-digit pickup code.

What happens if the package is too big to fit into the locker?

If your parcel is too large to fit into the locker, it will not be deposited into the locker. For larger deliveries, we recommend contacting the courier directly and arranging alternative delivery options when the order is created. The maximum size of parcel that the locker can accept presently is 15.7 W X 24 D X 28.5 H inches.

What if I don't want to use the locker?

Please note that if you do not want to use the ParcelPort Smart Locker, you must arrange for your parcels to be delivered to an alternate address.

Can I ship something out from the locker?

Yes! International parcels may now be shipped directly from your ParcelPort Smart Locker. Just click the link above to get started. We are working on offering domestic outbound shipping as part of a ParcelPort Smart Locker upgrade later this year.

What if my order requires a signature?

Signature-required parcels can be delivered to the ParcelPort Smart Locker – however, adult signatures required (19+) cannot be accepted by the locker at this time.

The top slots of the locker are too high for me - what happens if I can't reach my parcel?

We’ll fill up the lowest slots first to ensure that most parcels are accessible. If any parcel is stored in one of the top three (3) slots, you will receive a prompt on the screen to either ‘continue’ or ‘cancel’ your pickup. Select ‘cancel’ and find assistance before re-initiating the pickup process.

Can I receive more than one parcel at a time?

Yes! Each parcel is typically stored in its own slot, so you will receive multiple notifications if you have more than one parcel in the ParcelPort Smart Locker. You can scan your barcode, and the first slot door will pop open, then wait for the next slot door to open. So that you know the doors will open automatically. If you don’t want to collect all your parcels simultaneously, you can close the slot door, and use the same pickup code to resume your pick-up later.

Frequently Asked Questions – Technical Inquiries

Why isn't the scanner reading my barcode?

Here are some tips for using the scanner:

• Hold the barcode further away from the scanner (about 6-8 inches away)
• Tilt the barcode towards the ceiling on an angle, observe that the red light is shining on the code
• Turn up screen brightness (if it is on the phone)
• Move the barcode around until it catches

You can also enter your numeric pickup code on the keypad if the scanner doesn’t work.

What happens if my pickup code isn't recognized?

If you receive an error message on the screen saying, “This code is invalid,” it may mean the code has already been used to pick up a parcel. This indicates that you likely have no parcel to pick up currently. You may also try looking through your inbox for a more recent email from us since every new pickup code is unique.

What if I enter my code and the slot doesn't open?

Try re-scanning or re-typing your code. If it still doesn’t open, please get in touch with us at 1-800-818-0870 or via email at support@theparcelport.com for further assistance.

What if I open the slot door and it is not my parcel?

Please close the slot door so the item stays safe, and contact us at 1-800-818-0870 or via email at support@theparcelport.com for further assistance. If you’ve removed the parcel and closed the slot door before realizing it was not your parcel, please bring it to security immediately, and they’ll reach out to the intended resident.

What happens if I receive delivery confirmation from the courier by not a pickup code for the locker?

Couriers are usually tasked with confirmation delivery immediately after they have deposited a parcel. ParcelPort smart lockers have up to a 20-minute delay before your pickup code is sent to you. If 20 minutes have already passed, there are two possible reasons you did not receive a pickup code:

• The parcel was not deposited into the smart locker but left with building staff. Check with building personnel to see if they are holding your package.
• If the parcel is not with building staff, the delivery company may have delivered the package to the wrong resident.

If you are still looking for your shipment after waiting 20 minutes and checking with building staff, contact ParcelPort at 1 (800) 818-0870 or via email at support@theparcelport.com.

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Outstanding ParcelPort support for Mark on 10th Condominiums is the mainstay of the smart locker experience. Our helpline at 1 (800) 818-0870 is open Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm EST. You can also email us anytime 24/7 at support@theparcelport.com or, fill complete the form below. Thank you!

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