Hi! Meet Mike.

The results are in… 99% of residents who use a ParcelPort Smart Locker love them. Here are just a few reasons why:

    • Outbound shipping now available!
    • Save thousands on staffing costs.
    • Residents can pickup parcels up 24/7.
    • Concierge can focus on other tasks.
    • Parcels are securely stored until retrieval.
    • Reduce risk of fire hazard from stacked boxes.
    • Corporations can share in revenue (and offset costs).

Unlike other vendors, ParcelPort takes a consultative approach when determining the right parcel management solution for a residential building. To learn more, Mike is here to share what makes our solution so special.

* We can manufacture your smart locker domestically or overseas, but all systems are assembled right here in Canada!

Outbound shipping image

Now Offering Outbound Shipping!

Imagine being able to ship a package anywhere in the world without having to change out of your slippers.

Now you can from the comfort of your condo or apartment. Simply login to our portal, print your label, and scan & deposit into your ParcelPort Smart Locker!

ParcelPort Smart Lockers now support outbound shipping with major couriers at discounted rates. Making our latest service not only convenient, but cost-effective too for your residents. 

PLUS, your condo corporation or apartment building shares in the revenue generated from every shipment, lower your smart locker’s operational costs. 

That’s what we call a win-win-win!

The Real Cost of Parcel Management

Many condominium and apartment buildings rely on concierge, security or onsite staff to manage the barrage of incoming parcel deliveries.

But have you ever stopped to think how much time (and money) is spent by staff processing the acceptance, storage and retrieval of packages?

By using our calculator, you can estimate how much your building is spending on parcel management by staff. Just imagine how much better their time and your money could be used by installing a smart locker by ParcelPort!

Parcel Management Calculator

Enter the number of units and your average hourly staff wage to obtain your estimate.

Our calculator assumes an average daily parcel volume of 18 deliveries per 100 units and a conservative average of 5 minutes to accept, process and retrieve parcels by staff.


Smart lockers are much more than just a box. When properly designed and installed, they are a complete logistics solutions.

There are many factors to consider when exploring smart lockers. From choosing the right expiry period to handling the holiday rush, there is no shortage of decisions to make.

This is why we’ve created our 22-page Smart Locker Solutions guide and 5 Questions eBook. Both have proven to be a tremendous resource for property managers, board members and builders seeking to fully understand smart lockers from start to finish.

Download your copies today!

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Image of the NXT condominium

“Our boards and residents are thrilled with the ParcelPort Smart Lockers. They have alleviated so much work and issues that lost packages are now noexistent! We also are saving thousands of dollars a month in staffing costs while residents gained the freedom to collect their pacakages any time they want. Well worth the investment. Only wish we had done it sooner!”

-Del Property Management

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