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Couriers who use our Smart Parcel Lockers can save over 75% on last-mile delivery costs and give consignees a convenient, secure and 24/7 available service they love!

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Lower Costs, Increase Revenues

Streamline Your Shipping Center – Installing a Parcel Port Locker outside of your shipping center or depot allows you to reduce staff costs while offering a convenient 24/7 drop off and pick up option.

Customer Service – We take care of customer notifications once the parcel has been deposited by your driver via automated text and emails. Your customers will love the attention.

Easy Set Up – Using our open API (application program interface) you can easily and seamlessly integrate into our parcel locker network allowing you automate the operations of your delivery team.

Accept Returns – Streamline your retail returns service by leverage our network of smart lockers to reduce reverse logistics costs. 

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The Complete Courier Solution

Eliminate 2nd/3rd Attempts – No more “Not at Home” messages or expensive re-deliveries. Use Parcel Port as a convenient way for your consignees to pick up their missed deliveries.

Residential Delivery Alternative -Dramatically lower your costs for residential deliveries by eliminating re-deliveries and the time consuming task of delivering individual shipments. Give your consignees the option of using a ParcelPort Smart Locker for their pickups.

Drop Off Location – Make it easy for your customers to drop off outbound shipments by using a local ParcelPort Smart Locker as their drop center.

How ParcelPort Smart Lockers Work

Couriers appreciate the simplicity and ease of ParcelPort’s smart locker systems. And recipients love not having to wait until the following day to receive their online orders.

How smart lockers work for couriers
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Smart Software

Our proprietary, easy to use software streamlines drop-offs and pickups while our cloud software monitors and manages every Smart Locker in our network.

Our field proven software stack includes the following features:

  • Multilingual
  • PIEPEDA compliant
  • 24/7 locker monitoring
  • Client administrative portal
  • Automated resident lookups
  • Visual and auditory user prompts
  • Auto receipient matching to courier scan
  • Simple “scan & go” drop-offs and pickups
  • Integrates with most property management software

All of ParcelPort’s software solutions are engineered and operated in North America.

Best-in-Class Hardware

Designed and engineered in North America to the highest standard of security, intelligence and configurability.

ParcelPort lockers offer the following key build characteristics:

  • ESA certified
  • Video surveillance
  • Full slot parcel sensors
  • Five different slot sizes
  • Choice of 215 paint colors
  • Modular and readily expandable
  • Full steel construction for high security
  • Industrial grade touch screen computer
  • Backup power and remote power switch
  • Requires only an internet connection & standard 110V outlet


A ParcelPort smart locker

Smart Locker Insights

Smart Lockers have come a long way in recent years, making it important to be educated and stay on top of the latest innovations.

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