Asset Management and Parcel Logistics Done Right

Asset management and parcel logistics for commercial developments, industrial parks, and urban buildings is a daunting task. This is why we are committed to delivering commercial smart lockers designed to solve even the most complex logistical challenges.

Photo of a commercial smart lockers
Photo of a Retail ParcelPort Smart Locker

Complete Commercial Solutions

We are a solutions-first logistics company using commercial smart lockers to meet the ever changing demands of commercial properties. Working directly with the largest couriers, ParcelPort Smart Lockers dramatically reduce the time required to service an entire building, office park, or industrial park.

For businesses, smart lockers can be configured for internal item exchanges, inter-departmental storage, outbound shipping and retrieval, and general parcel drop-off and pickup.

Whether you need an immediate plug-and-play solution or a custom designed Smart Locker presence, let’s connect and bring your Smart Locker concept to life!

Mixed Use Solutions

Commercial properties come in many different forms with a vast array of parcel handling challenges. Our collaborative approach allows property managers to tailor a solution to meet all of your tenant needs. This includes mixed-use properties where a single Smart Locker can service multiple tenant types by providing:

  • Retail BOPIS
  • Resident parcel pickup
  • Employee parcel pickup
  • Employee item exchange
  • Acceptance of retail returns

Whether your property contains residential, retail, office, or general commercial space, ParcelPort can build and install the perfect Smart Locker solution.

Photo of a mixed use building

How Smart Lockers Work

ParcelPort offers a complete suite of retail logistics solutions. From traditional BOPIS to fully integrated and networked product movements, we have you covered. 

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Product Returns

Reduce your returns logistics costs by up to 50% by using ParcelPort’s smart locker network.

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BOPIS Lockers

Offer the ulimate customer convenience and reduce labor costs with buy-online-pickup-in-locker solutions.

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Outbound Shipping

Offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to at-home delivery and save on outbound shipping.

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Footprint Expansion

Bring your brand closer to your customer base without the overhead with custom branded smart lockers.

Photograph of the ParcelPort software team

Smart Software

Our proprietary, easy to use software streamlines pickups and product returns while our cloud software monitors and manages every Smart Locker in our network.

Our field proven software stack includes the following features:

  • Multilingual
  • PIEPEDA compliant
  • 24/7 locker monitoring
  • Client administrative portal
  • Visual and auditory user prompts
  • Simple “scan & go” pickup and return
  • Integrates with most POS and inventory software

All of ParcelPort’s software solutions are engineered and operated in North America.

Best-in-Class Hardware

Designed and engineered in North America to the highest standard of security, intelligence and configurability.

ParcelPort lockers offer the following key build characteristics:

  • ESA certified
  • Video surveillance
  • Full slot parcel sensors
  • Five different slot sizes
  • Choice of 215 paint colors
  • Custom, branded vinyl wraps
  • Modular and readily expandable
  • Full steel construction for high security
  • Industrial grade touch screen computer
  • Backup power and remote power switch
  • Requires only an internet connection & standard 110V outlet


A ParcelPort smart locker
A photo of the RBC Smart Locker at WaterPark Place in Toronto, ON, Canada

Why did RBC choose ParcelPort?

  • No more missed deliveries.
  • Significant reduction in courier foot traffic.
  • Employees can pick up online orders quickly and conveniently.
  • Reduced payroll required to accept and manage deliveries.
  • Every locker ensures security and privacy.
Photo of ParcelPort's support team

Superior Support

We offer locally based, comprehensive support packages with every residential smart locker we install which includes:

  • Courier liaisons
  • Extended warranty
  • On-site service repair
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Camera surveillance monitoring
  • Bilingual 1-800 and email support
  • Locker & cloud software with regular updates


Value Added Services

Always innovating, our development team continues to evolve our residential smart locker solution by adding resident friendly services to provide the ultimate in convenience:

  • Outbound international shipping (now available!)
  • Outbound domestic shipping (coming 2023!)
  • Key concierge and item exchange (coming 2023!)
  • Alchohol and prescription drug delivery (in development)
  • Dry-cleaning and laundry services (future)
  • No-box, no-shipping label retail product returns (future)
  • Temperature controlled acceptance of food and meal plan deliveries (future)

Revenue generated from services provided at the locker can be shared with condominiums, building owners and property managers to offset your smart locker’s maintenence and software costs.

A photo of a resident depositing an outbound shipment
Courier holding 3 boxes

Outbound Shipping

Increasing costs of courier shipping and rising customer expectations are challenges of most businesses.

Smart retail parcel lockers facilitate critical mass on drop-off and 24/7 logistics directly into smart lockers within our network. The result is reduced shipping costs for businesse while giving consumers a convenient, secure, and environmentally friendly way to receive their orders.

By tapping into our growing network of smart lockers and best-of-breed couriers, you can reduce shipping costs and expand the choices you give your customers.

Further, ParcelPort Smart Lockers are fully integrated with Shopify and other online eCommerce platforms making outbound shipping to a smart locker near your customers a breeze.

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Smart Locker Insights

Smart lockers have come a long way in recent years, making it important to be educated and stay on top of the latest innovations.

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